Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Meriwether Lewis was Here on July 7, 1806, where were you?

Today we decide to bring you a bit of history from the Lewis and Clark Trail and took a Hike to the top of Lewis and Clark Pass. Unfortunately Clark never saw the place named after him, for he was down on the Clark Fork River, making his way to meet up with Lewis. This trail from the Blackfoot Valley is the same Trail the Native Americans used to go on Buffalo hunting trips to the plains of eastern Montana.

I have alway been very interested in Lewis and Clark's travels and read the journals at the fall in Great Falls. On one of those days I had decide to name my first born Meriwether, much to my ex-wife's dismay. Needless to say she beat me to the birth certificate and I a beautiful daughter named Sierra. I have traveled to many of the locations in Montana and out to the Pacific Coast that Lewis and Clark stay and must say its well worth the trip.

On July 7, 1806, Lewis's party climbed to the top of what is now Lewis and Clark Pass and saw the landscape stretch endlessly in every direction. They anxiously scanned the horizon for some sign of familiarity and soon spotted a prominent landmark, Square Butte, to the north. This was a welcome site, as the expedition had passed this point on their westward journey. These hardy men knew they were on their way home.

Visitors can take a short, 1.5-mile hike to Lewis and Clark Pass and stand on the very spot where Lewis and his men stood two centuries ago. On a clear day, this hike offers great views of the surrounding Rocky Mountains. Once at the top of Lewis and Clark Pass, search the vast landscapes of the eastern plains to see if you, too, can spot Square Butte, then hike the Continental Divide Trail and discover other stunning views. And keep your eyes open: of all places along the Lewis and Clark Trail, this is the only area on the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail where today you may still encounter a grizzly bears.


The town of Lincoln is located 58 miles northwest of Helena, MT on Highway 200 and is a full service community. Lewis and Clark Pass is located 9 miles east of Lincoln, MT off Highway 200. Turn north onto Alice Creek Rd (FS Road 293) and drive 11 miles to the trailhead. Hike 1.5 miles to reach the Pass.

That's all from the Group at Road Trekin. Have a Blessed Day.

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