Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wisdom of a Cowboy "Crossing the River & Climbing the Mountain"

Wisdom of a Cowboy
“Crossing the River & Climbing the Mountain”
By Rob Wilson

"The Wisdom of a Cowboy: Crossing the River and Climbing the Mountain, is a treasure chest of rare jewels of wisdom, gathered by Rob Wilson during a trek, in the high desert of Arizona, “Crossing the River and Climbing the Mountain” and throughout the challenges of his life. Rob shares the wisdom that he's gleaned from his experiences in the life of a cowboy, using metaphors to illustrate for the reader how the aspects of a cowboy's life hold deep knowledge for all. From being the Gun fighter in your own life to the fast paced life expanding adventures of the Pony Express Rider. This is a book to savor, as one would a rich and satisfying meal of many courses of delicious, nutritious food - in this case the food is wisdom for the soul. Each chapter, each page offers a multitude of thought-provoking examples of how one's inner life is reflected in the outer world. At the end of each chapter, Rob offers the reader three energizing affirmations and three penetrating questions to empower those seeking to know their own inner wisdom. The real question to ask yourself here is your sunrise gallantly over flowing with blessings everyday in every way for you. For a real Life expanding adventure this a must read for everyone. Rob Wilson is a NLP Practioner – Hypnotherapist.
This book is published by InnerCircle Publishing and is available at: and
Review by: ZZ Troutski

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Collaboration of Alerte,Carter & Be First Media Group

We would Like to Announce
The Collaboration of
Alerte, Carter and Be First Media Group

Alerte & Carter along with Be First Media Group would like to
announce the collaboration of the great media companies as marketing

Alerte & Carter, headquartered in New York, is known for
implementing creative and customized media programs designed
to impact client's specific business goals and objectives. ACA is
staffed by energetic, smart, fast-paced, focused individuals, sharing
a common goal: To grow and do the best job for their clients.

ACA works diligently to define and shape the public image of many
actors, authors, musicians, athletes, film networks, television shows,
production companies, corporations and brands.

Be First Media is a web based social media group with customized
programs designed to expand and energize client recognition with a
reach of 750,000 to 7.5 million people daily. Programs and services
include: virtual assistance, press releases, website design, video &
banner ads, consultation, publishing and much more. Be First energizes
clients brands such as: Actors, Authors, Musicians, Corporations, &
Personal Brands. Be First Media also has a show on Aware Talk Radio
to bring marketing and branding to the streets of America, interviewing
actors, authors, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders.

Communication is the key to success. Through the combined powers
of strong public relations and world wide reach, Alerte & Carter’s and
Be First Media, will expand Corporations and Brands with professional
expertise, effectively communicating the client's messages to target
audiences. The Internet is a continuous flow of entertainment,
information, and advertising with search engine capability, available
24/7. Take your business and/or career to the next level with us. Be in
the flow, so you can grow.
Alerte, Carter and Be First Media Group manages such clients as;
Capone & Anthony Anderson actor/comedian, Mark Viera & Royale Watkins, Top Dogs of Comedy, Will Rogers America’s Favorite Cowboy Humorist, Rob Wilson “Wisdom of a Cowboy” best sell author,
Andre Floyd musician, Mech Tech Sys, Weszty Irons, Eilleen Cianciolo Author of I Am, Inner Circle Publishing, In Revolution Publishing & Road Trekin Adventures.

Kevin and Jean

Will Roberts

Capone and Anthony

Mark and Royale

Top Dogs of Comedy Tour
For more information Please contact:

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How Does Vitamix Inspire You?

How does Vitamix Inspire You?

Vitamix inspires creativity in flavor and nutrition, delivering incomparable versatility and value though its revolutionary performance. We're grateful to be invited into homes and restaurants and prove, there's nothing like a Vitamix! We don't just have customers, we have raving fans!

Over the last 90 years, we've received thousands of stories, where we've inspired customers to be more creative and to eat healthier. To celebrate our 90th year, we'd like you to share your inspirational story-the kind that gives us goose bumps, brings us close to tears or demonstrates our indomitable human spirit.

For details, we invite you to review the Writer's Guidelines and then Submit Your Story. As a Thank You for sharing how Vitamix has contributed to your life and for being a part of our Vitamix family, you will receive an exclusive drink recipe to make in your Vitamix after submitting your story.